About Us

It is often touted that tough times bring out the best innovation and most resilient people. While this is true, you most likely do not want to be the statistic or basis for this common saying. In the wake of technology, e-commerce, and software development, you as a client want to feel and experience the ease that innovation brings to your life. You do not want to live with the same predicaments of having to call, spend high phone bills, time, and resources, and unfortunately get the wrong product delivered late at your destination. Precision, convenience, value, and efficiency are what the I Water App offers all in one. 
The sun is glaring hot in the sky, or you are just thirsty and want some water for yourself. You want it delivered to your workstation or at home. However, there are several problems you could be thinking about. Probably the water will be late, probably it will get delivered to the wrong address or the vendor may attach a high delivery cost since your home or office block is quite a distance from their shop. I Water App promises to give you peace of mind so you can shop for water, pay, and have it delivered without pondering over numerous such problems that could arise. 
What’s more, is the well-thought-out interface. You don’t want to keep inserting your details, water quantity, address, and other repetitive details every time you place an order on the application. As such, the developers have considered an intelligent system that can identify you and save your previous purchases on the site. You can therefore use these previous purchases to make similar purchases at the click of a button, thereby saving on time and avoiding typing errors in the address or quantity that could compromise the effectiveness of the shipment time. In just five steps, you can take advantage of the I Water App innovation and have your water, whichever brand you choose or food basket, whichever size delivered to your doorstep, thereby saving you the anxiety of making calls or worrying about the delivery person getting lost with your order.